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U.K. T-Baby

Jess S

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Received a stunning B. klassi from @T-Baby this week. The measure of a good seller is how they act when things go wrong. What went wrong in this case, is my poor klassi got lost on her way to me (shipping co fault completely) and therefore arrived a day late. I felt awful having to contact @T-Baby to tell her the bad news, but she was very helpful and reassuring. She worked tirelessly liaising with the mail service and staying in contact with me, which helped ease the situation tremendously.

It was wonderful to finally be able to tell her that my box had arrived and the klassi was safe and alive.

A lot of credit to this good outcome has to be put down to her fantastic packing as temps are very cold this time of year.

I love my new arrival! Thank you so much @T-Baby


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@Jess S and @T-Baby I am so pleased the B klaasi arrived safe and well. T-Baby has a good reputation on the forum and that is exactly why. She will always go the extra mile to make sure the spiders are safe. Glad all worked out well for you both. x

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