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U.K. T-Baby


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Received female G.rosea from T-Baby today. All marks are out of five ...

Packaging: 5/5 - inner and outer packaging well suited, packing peanuts used, cushioning used, heat pack kept away from the spider. Space for the spider was adequate but not too big. Outer box marked as carrying live animals.

Postage: 5/5 - tracking number supplied swiftly, checked promptly that the item had arrived.

Communication: 5/5 - extremely swift responses, pleasant and easy to deal with.

Spider or me: 5/5 - definitely wants to please the spider more than me, which pleases me.

Spider: 5/5 - beautiful, healthy specimen. Was calm and easy to manage when I opened the package.

Only my first purchase from this vendor but I’m extremely pleased and hope to do business again.

Thanks T-Baby


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For anyone out there (UK) I would strongly recommend @T-Baby
Today I received:
B. albiceps
B. boehmei
B. hamorii
B. sabulosum
pair of "Santa Claus" as we have started to lovingky call them. Real name Sericoplema Santa Catalina

Excellent communications
Excellent Packaging
Excellent spiders!

Highly recommended.

Thank you babes x


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just received today another fantastic selection of Ts from the wonderful @T-Baby

Today's parcel which as usual was immaculately packed with lots of bubble wrap and packing peanuts for insulation, contained:

1. A genic AF (I love genics so much and once her other has finished moulting I am hoping to get that one too! LOL)
2. A. Chalcodes AF
3. A. Chalcodes juvie (large)
4. G. pulchripes x3 large slings (we had bought some between us and split postage with T-Baby volunteering to look after them and send with the others I had ordered. Above and beyond or what?)
5. A. Seemanni (blue form)
6. A. Seemanni (normal form)
7. B. boehmei Juvie (large)
8. G porterii AF
9. G. rosea MM (this was a spider she had gone to look at herself but realising it was a MM contacted me and again looked after him until the other spiders were ready)
10. K. Brunnipes AF
11. Pamphobeteus esmeraldas AF (this is the same spider I sold to her but with sellers remorse we have agreed to trade for a H chilensis I have...LOL)
12.Pamphobeteus Sp. Costa 3cm

So in summary, wonderful Ts, all in top condition, wonderful person who I am honoured to call a friend, and a wonderful buying experience. If you are on the look out for spiders, you wouldn't go far wrong with checking out her for sale list.

Thank you once again T-Baby x


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Another 5star review for some 5star Ts that have arrived today.

Today I received:
A. geniculata AF (cos I love them so much I just had to have another large female from @T-Baby) That's my 3rd from her now...LOL
P. auratus large sling
P. atrichromatus large sling

All 3 perfectly packed. Heat pack still nice and warm and she is a pleasure to talk to as always.

Thank you for feeding my genic addiction that's 6 females and 1 male now so every day will be genic day....PMSL x