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Hey. Sorry for the late response, things have been rather interesting for me since November to say the least. Paed Mitchell, or whatever his name is did receive a DOA P Hanu due to a miscommunication trying to ship in adverse weather conditions. He is being compensated with 2 other spiders, unfortunately it's taken longer than expected.
I do have a variety of Pokies still available for sale, if you're interested. The list includes:
P Vitatta - Female 6"
P Bara - Females 4-4.5"
P Subfusca Highland - Female 4-4.5"
It might come down to it where I need to release my entire collection, so I'm also thinking about selling off everything else I have with those. Let me know if you are still looking or know anyone that might be seriously interested. I have the complete Sri Lanka series. Holding onto the Fasiata, Ornata, and Smithi for a packaged sale.

Thanks again for the interest,