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Kael's Avicularia avicularia Journal!

Avicularia Kael

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As long as the ventilation is very good, you don't specifically need cross ventilation. An ExoTerra nano isn't technically cross ventilated but the circulation is probably better then 95% of the cages out there. A 2 gallon Terra Blue professional enclosure vertical style will be just fine for ventilation as well.

If you DO encounter excess humidity by say spilling water in the cage, you can use a small fan to gently blow on the cage to dry it out instead of removing the tarantula and allowing the cage to dry for 24 hours.

Remember, they live in tall trees high up from the ground in their native habitat.

Major 78

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Who else can we recruit from Formiculture? Mah aha aha aha (evil laugh)!

AAU thinks arachnids are boring. I think TC keeps them. ZIIGGY would probably like them. Hmmm... Dermy atm only keeps beetles, so he's vulnerable to "spidey influence" :T: Really can't think of anyone else.

Avicularia Kael

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From what I've heard, 3.5" is not a full size. They get bigger. Since you like arboreals, allow me to further instigate your addiction.

Presenting C versicolor, regarded as one of the most beautiful spiders on Earth.

Advantages: not at all a mean/defensive tarantula.
Fairly affordable especially as slings.
Goes through practically a dozen color changes as it grows, starting with being bright blue!!
Makes a tube type web and usually stays there, which means you just drop feeders in. This means you can use a larger cage to begin with.
Was formerly known as Avicularia versicolor.
Fairly easy to rehouse & can be handled if you're careful.

Eccentric traits:
Needs an elevated waterdish, won't go to the ground to drink!!
Sensitive to excess humidity, dry spider. Using a humidity gauge to ensure it doesn't get above 60% is highly suggested.
Will bolt and escape from a cage that's too small or doesn't have decent hiding places.

Slings can be fragile. Conditions have to be kept on point.
Is a bit of a spaz. The great leap of faith occurs to those who handle it or allow it to wander around.
Tends to go up whenever it gets out. Gotta hold the enclosure sideways or upside down to get it back inside.
Sexed females can be pricey but slings are pretty reasonable.
Will set you up to get lots of other arboreal tarantulas!!
May leave you thinking other tarantulas are plain looking.
Will force you to buy more storage space for photos and videos....lots of it.

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I now suspect he's male but haven't confirmed the sex. Both sexes are gorgeous and pretty similar.
Personally I am interested in C. laeta.

Avicularia Kael

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I think the avic may be ill, or at least acting strangely. She grabs who food like normal, but then drops it and doesn't really take much food after. Any ideas?

Dave Jay

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I just got my first old world tarantula today. It is my third tarantula and it's a female Ceratogyrus darlingi.
I just briefly read up on the species, it seems like you've picked out one that could be a handful, listed as aggressive and fast! The good thing about obligate burrowers is that they tend to retreat to their burrow when disturbed, so as long as you don't mess around too close to the entrance they generally won't be a problem. Please try and school yourself to always use tongs for maintenance, hit the wrong tripwire and they will spring and grab first, ask questions later!
You've got the addiction badly now I think!

Dave Jay

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Cool. I made a journal encompassing all my Tarantulas, later when they get bigger I might do a journal for each species maybe.

Dave Jay

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I guess as long as she has water there's not much more you can do. The chances are that she's in pre-moult but if she's skinny and refusing food it is a bit of a worry.


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I'm confused to why your changing the morphtype of your Avicularia avicularia???

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