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Enn's bunch - the legless ones


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Some newer pics.

DSCF1028 (2).JPG

DSCF1336 (2).JPG


Then I also have 3 Coastal carpets that came as non-feeders

No1 (also known as Tiny). This was the runt of the clutch and had never shed since it hatched, they normally shed after around 1 week but it took 6 months. I have been force feeding it 1 pinkie but today I thought I'd try a 2nd and although I had to put the pinkie in its mouth it took it down on its own.
DSCF1324 (2).JPG

No2 After 5 months of of not feeding or being force fed this one decided it could manage on its own and it now strike feeds on 2 pinkies.

No 3 This one has been treated pretty much the same as No1 but fights the food and me much more. It did eventually take the 2nd pinkie down on its own although I had to work it down a bit before it gave in.
The good news is that it now has a forever home here with my son, he likes it because it has attitude, it bites.
DSCF1339 (2).JPG

Jess S

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Great to hear that you've got them all feeding, remarkable progress. Sounds like your son gets fond of the characters with attitude in spades!