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  1. Keymond69

    Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple 2cm sling uk

    Hi guys i had an Avicularia sp. "Peru Purple sling die on me after 2 days, would this setup be good enough? I have a new one coming Wednesday, thanks for your support. I won't be misting the enclosure just going to fill the water bowl. ????
  2. Barrenlandss

    US aphonopelma chalcodes sling, 1in and 1/4

    Ugh I hate to do this but I have to rehome my tarantulas. Please don’t ask why, I do not wish to dive into my personal life. My larger one is about an inch unsexed and is very calm. The new sling is about 1/4. I have two enclosures, one larger one and one smaller. The smaller sling is in a vile...
  3. Jes

    Is it possible to sex a 1.5" sling?

    Hi guys! below are the pictures I took of the last molt of my 1.5" gbb sling and it looks to me that he is a male(I hope I'm wrong lol)? Or is it too early to tell? What do you guys think? Thanks in advance! Please be fem, please be fem, please be fem!! XD
  4. Jes

    GBB sling webbing

    Hi everyone! I just wanna share my GBB sling enclosure :D She's been living here for 2 months now and I'm amazed at how much webbing GBBs can do even as a small sling(she's just around 1.75"). I'm soo glad I made the decision to get Ts as pets 4 months ago as they are really great for releiving...
  5. Jes

    My LP sling is missing a leg :(

    Hi guys, when I woke up this morning, I noticed that my LP sling(around 1.5") is missing 1 front leg. I am new to the hobby and I don't know why or how that happened and I cannot find her leg :(.. She is currently in her temporary enclosure(pics below) and I plan to move her to a bigger acrylic...
  6. Jes

    Is my B.Auratum sling ok?

    Hi guys. I am just new to the hobby. I got my first T last July which is a GBB sling. Today I got 2 new slings (B.Auratum and LP both 1.5") and I am a bit worried about my Auratum. She seems weak because when I transfered her to her enclosure, its like she doesn't want to move . I tried to push...
  7. Y

    C. versicolor Sling enclosure help

    Hey fellow Tarantula keepers, recently I got my first aboreal T as a sling. I'm keeping 2 terrestial T's currently (1 B. hamorii (ex. smithi) at 6cm length and 1 G. pulchripes that I got as a sling who's grown to 2,5cm) I'm not really sure what enclosure is optimal for a C. versicolor sling...
  8. Master Odin

    Pair my Pterinochilus murinus OBT . Fab- 28th - 2020

    She made 2 egg sac's .. this is my 1s time breeder i think i did good .. 1s sac only 74 made it . 2 sac 77 slings i have my hands full . Ones in the Deli Cups is the first egg sack. The ones on incubation right now or the second. =)
  9. Usherkappa

    New tarantula questions

    Hey yall ! Im a new user and im thinking of buying a new tarantula ...so im thinking of a Brachypelma emilia sling and im going to put it in a small terrarium 9.1x6x6.7 (inches) 1) is that size okay ? Also I know that I have to rehome it to a larger terrarium when it becomes an adult but...
  10. F

    Help with my sling!

    Hey y’all! I just got my first sling (an a. Hentzi) and he keeps climbing the walls of his enclosure (even going as far as to climb onto the ceiling!) he is in a very small enclosure - a Jamie’s Tarantula’s sling enclosure, and I have maybe three inches worth of substrate in his tank. He hasn’t...
  11. Ajbeardow

    Amateur Macro Shots - Acanthoscurria geniculata slings

    Threw the cheap macro lens adaptor on my phone and took a few photos of my whiteknee slings. Quite a short focal range on it. Planning to do some focus stacking in the future to try and capture all of the deltails. Need to invest in a macro lens for my DSLR now that I have something tiny to...
  12. Ajbeardow

    Acanthoscurria geniculata slings in their new pots

    Just transferred my Whiteknee slings to a new pot (bit early but wanted to see them clearer without disturbing them) and thought I'd take a couple shots. They're invert viewing pots, so have a magnifying lid, which is quite nice for seeing all their little details. They're out of direct light...
  13. C. versi sling "doing laps"

    C. versi sling "doing laps"

  14. HTay

    Too young?

    How old do they have to be? I have a GBB sling that’s about 1/2” and a good under belly shot. I attached the photo just in case. I also suck at sexing.
  15. I

    My B.emilia sling is floating?!

    Hey everyone :) No i don‘t have a flying tarantula but sort of a problem tho. I often find my little sling floating on top of the water in her water dish. And I mean often, she‘s been doing this for weeks now. I tried raising humidity but that didnt seem to affect the behaviour, I think the...
  16. C

    What is my Tarantula Sling?

    I found this sling in Sunflower Arizona almost a year ago and im still having trouble trying to find out what he might be. Someone have any suggestions?
  17. M

    Is this a pamphobeteus sp flammifera sling?

    A friend sent me a picture from a small mom and pop pet shop saying that they were not sure even what to put it as or how to price it. They have it labeled as a pamphobeteus sp flammifera but the slings that I see online look like they have darker legs and the pattern looks just a tad different...
  18. Now it's cute..

    Now it's cute..

    Wait till it gets older
  19. My slings

    My slings

    Phormictopus sp purple 1 H.maculata 1 C.fimbriatus 1 P.murinus 3 B.albopilosum 2 C.darlingi 2
  20. Crax

    How to spot an escape artist in the making.

    My S. Cal, Telle, caught in the act of testing her enclosure borders. I think it's a female because her growth is significantly slower than most her age. So my conclusion is either she's an escape artist in the making, a velociraptor in a spider's costume, or a reincarnated security guard...