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US Updated list: 04/02/2021

Casey K.

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Adult FEMALE G. pulchripes- $400 *PENDING*

0.0.xx C. cyaneopubescens slings- ONLY $50 EACH!!!!

0.0.xx G. pulchra (very well started slings! Not tiny!)- $100 each!

0.0.xx P. vittata slings- $60 each (IUCN RED LIST OF ENDANGERED SPECIES)

0.0.xx 1" I. mira slings- $60 each

Adult female B. boehmi- $350

MM C. versicolor- $150 (matured late December 2020) ***willing to do breeding loan*** pm for details

3.5" P. miranda- $150

2" FEMALE P. Metallica- $175

1.1 MF and IM P. murinus- $225 PAIR

3" B. boehmi- $200

MF N. Chromatus- $250

2" FEMALE C. fimbriatus- $150

3-3.5" FEMALE B. hamorri- $250

Adult female B. hamorii- $350

Adult female P. pulcher- $350

2.5-3" unsexed juvie P. pulcher- $150 each

Adult female H. gigas- $150

Mature female P. reduncus (one paired)- $300 ea.

2× 5-6" T. stirmi- $175 each (one female the other suspect female)

Adult female P. murinus- $125 each

Sub adult female C. marshalli- $125

1+" P. regalis slings- $40 each

1" P. murinus slings- $30 each

Adult FEMALE P. atrichomatus- $350

Adult female P. vittata- $300 (IUCN RED LIST OF ENDANGERED SPECIES)


$1 EACH OR 10x FOR $7
G. portentosa "Madagascar hissing roaches"

Perfect for feeding those large tarantulas and reptiles!!!

($20 minimum order on feeders)

TOS: LAG on express ($50) and priority ($15) shipping (as long as there are no delays with courier). Priority shipping is for summer months only! I do not ship priority during winter months. Must be present upon arrival of package and must inform me of any issues within 1 hour of pickup/delivery. If at any point package returns to courier facility for any reason, LAG is void and no refund given. Not responsible for any outcome due to courier delays and no refunds given for such. LAG will not be honored if shipping via FedEx. In event of DOA due to lost/delayed/stolen package, LAG is void and no refund given. In event of DOA and my TOS are followed, I will refund purchase price only. I do not refund shipping costs for any reason. If replacement is in stock I will not issue a refund. If replacement(s) are given due to DOA, buyer must pay shipping for replacement or no replacement will be given. Must present a video of you opening package. Any DOA will require proof by putting a pin in the abdomen or through the carapace. If my TOS are not followed for any reason listed, LAG is void and no refund given. Thank you all for looking! :)

Payment: paypal, venmo, Zelle, cashapp

Casey K.

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Adult female P. metallica (has been paired with a male several times and abdomen appears to be getting larger- she is refusing food, too- molted a few months ago)- $600

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