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US Tlitocatl Albopilosum (curly hair) 1/2" Spiderlings. *dark and fuzzy!* Many deals available!

Nicaraguan curly hair slings. Dark and fuzzy. About the size of a dime. These slings were produced right here in our home from beautiful parents. These are not the 'hobby' form, and are the darker pure wild form (non-hybrid). **PLEASE UNDERSTAND BEFORE PURCHASE! DUE TO CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES THE NEXT SHIPPING DATE AVAILABLE FOR THESE ANIMALS IS 1/22/20!!! HOWEVER, YOU CAN PURCHASE AT ANY TIME. THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF OUR ANIMALS IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY. THANK YOU!**

$8 each OR 4 for $24+shipping // 12 for $70+shipping // 24 for $145+FREE shipping

Terms of Service
Minimum purchase of $20. For an order less Shipping is overnight or 2nd day with FedEx/ShipYourReptiles. For a quote, I'll need your zip code. To hold an order $100 or more for up to 30 days a %25 non refundable deposit is required.
I accept personal and gift payments through PayPal.
Live Arrival Guarantee
Live Arrival Guarantee, or LAG, is only available under ideal temperatures in both locations (Above 50 and below 90 degrees) To ship colder is at the buyers risk/request and voids LAG. Insisting I ship beyond my shipping dates (monday-wednesday) is at the buyers risk/request and also voids the LAG.
Dead On Arrival
In case of a DOA, (under LAG) it is the buyers responsibility to contact us within 2 hours of delivery with any issues. Any DOA will be replaced if possible, or refunded...however shipping costs are non-refundable. Delivery must be taken on the first attempt. Heat packs/cold packs provided when available at no extra cost. We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling.
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