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US Tarantula


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1” Cyriopagopus sp hati hati $20 each


Stromatopelma calceatum 5” $50

Mature male:

Encyocratella olivacea $80

Monocentropus balfouri $75

Idiothele mira $65

Lasiodora parahybana $55

Chilobrachys sp electric blue $85

Grammostola pulchra $80

2X Cyriocosmus perezmilesi $60

2x P murinus $40

Haplocosmia himalayana $70


•$60 minimum on all purchases before shipping

•Overnight and 2 days shipping is available.

• 2 days shipping LAG if temperature is 50-90

•Shipping will be calculated based upon your zip code

•In the event of a DOA, you must notify me within 2 hours from when the package was received.

•Not responsible in any delayed package resulting to DOA or any lost package in transit.

•Evidence such as the picture of the dead specie will be required. Refund would only apply on spider/s and not including the paid shipping cost

• Buyer must cover shipping cost to replace DOA

• I do not hold unless payment is done. First come first serve

•LAG Temperature must be between 50-90

• Freebies doesn't fall under LAG

•USA shipping only

PM me if interested.

Thank you

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