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Sound sensitive


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Are tarantulas sensitive to loud music? Im going to pickup a box of Ts at fedx and was wondering if my rock n roll could really blow their minds? Seriously.


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Tarantulas can't hear so the only thing bothering them would be vibrations. I know @Arachnoclown's Ts aren't bothered by the music he listens to, so your Ts should be absolutely fine as long as you're not placing their enclosures on the subwoofer.


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My tarantulas have been living in my house/recording studio for the whole time I've had them. I don't keep them around the tracking room where there are loud amplifiers or drums though. Never seen any problems.

I would definitely keep them away from speakers though. Especially subwoofers as previously mentioned. And don't play modern country music around them. T's don't like it and no one should be exposed to that stuff!:p

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