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US Scolopendra ssp. "Riau giant/Malaysian Tiger" First time in the US, plus sp. Sulawesi/Piceoflave "Toraja", Cherry Reds, Toxic Tips and more!!!

Padraig Sea

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This is very exciting - yet another first we’ve brought to the US hobby. These animals were legally exported from breeders and collectors in Malaysia, legally imported to the US by us. These will not last, so don’t snooze on them!!

Scolopendra ssp. Riau Giant/Malaysian Tiger 1.5” plings - $275
Scolopendra ssp. Riau Giant/Malaysian Tiger is vanishingly rare in the wild, so we are ecstatic to offer pedelings from the second captive breeding ever! These animals reach an impressive 9-10” in length with gorgeous copper tergites separated by black margins and red heads. They’re found only on a few small islands, making them rarer even than Scolopendra hardwickei. Below are pictures of an adult (not for sale) and a pling.



Scolopendra cf. subspinipes “Sulawesi/piceoflava” Toraja variant 5-7” Adults - $550; 2 sexed pairs available at $1,000 each. This stunning variant is from the highlands of Toraja and is darker overall than the typical Sulawesi. Truly among the most beautiful Scolopendra.

I also have one Sulawesi variant left at $450


Scolopendra sp. “Toxic Tips” 4”+ - $150
Not often available; we only have 3!
3” CBB juveniles - $70


Scolopendra dehaani “Malaysian Cherry” CBB well started 2.5” plings $60, Adults 4-7" $160


Also available:

Scolopendra subspinipes 'Indo Black Tip" - 4-6" - $55
Ethmostigmus trigonopodus Nigeria - 4-6" - $65
Scolopendra angulata - Very rare! only one available!! 5" - $199
Scolopendra dehaani "yellow legs" - 5-7" $35
Scolopendra dehaani "Thai Giant" - 5-7" $95
Scolopendra gigantea "morphotype 2/black" - sizes from 7-12" available - $800+

Shipping is flat rate $45 east of Mississippi River, $55 west. If temperatures are over 85 degrees I will insist that you pick up at your local hub for the safety of the animals. I ship only Monday through Wednesday.

I accept all major forms of payment. If you pay using PayPal I will *only* ship to your confirmed address. There are no exceptions. Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with payment.

I guarantee live arrive; in the event that the animal arrives dead I will refund the purchase price or offer a replacement. I reserve the right to require proof of DOA up to and including return of the dead animal. Buyer must accept package on first attempt or pick up at local hub within 12 hours of notification.

I will also guarantee the health of the animal for 24 hours after arrival; if an animal arrives in a poor or near death state I will offer additional guarantees on a case by case basis. In general I always want the buyer to receive the animal they paid for and are expecting
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