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US Review for Tom Patterson


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Hello everyone this is another review for @Tom Patterson. All Ts arrived alive and packed perfectly as per usual. Even got a. Free P.cam thrown in. If you havent ordered from Tom you are missing out. Always has great lists with variety. Im never disappointed checking out his lists other then not having enough cash to get everything i want from it,haha. Highly recommend. Go ask him for a current list and order some Ts off him after reading this review.


I just started collecting about 7 months ago and have watched many of his videos about husbandry. He has helped me tremendously! Anyway, I'd love to see if he has a E. murinus, how do you order from, Tom? Does he have his own website?


I just realized I'm thinking of Tom Moran. LOL! SO sorry. I've heard great things about Tom Patterson though, never a negative comment.

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