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Rescued this T in SW Co. Is this A. vogelae?


New Member
Hi all,
I found this T floating in the water trough on a very cold morning on the ranch in SW Colorado. I scooped her out and have been feeding her grasshoppers and crickets that I catch in the fields. She's plumped up a lot. Plenty of poops. No shed yet. Looking to get a sp. name and care ideas. I've had many critters before so I think I've got the basics down but want to know more.

P.S. I have more photos and videos but some didn't upload.



New Member
Ahh, ok thanks. A wolf spider of some type was my first guess d/t it's form but thought they had vertically arranged fangs like aranea. I have since noticed the large pair of eyes in the front. I also didn't know wolf spiders here could be that color blue-gray, she's really good looking in the light. And she is definitely big! I've moved her into a critter keeper and made a paper-towel tube tunnel for her. Thanks for the help, I'll post more photos.

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