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Not finding anything i like.

Im looking for terrestrial enclosures for juvenile terrestrials and borrowers. I need them about two quarts, and about six inches tall.

I'm looking for plastic or something i could use a regular drill bit to make holes.

I've found problems with each product I've found...

The "pekky plastic" actually has grooves on the sides so looking in, might not have a clear view as i would like.

The "mdesign" has been described as flimsy in some reviews so drilling might be risky.

The "MDesign airtight" likely is also too flimsy and the lid could disturb the T's upon opening.

Any ideas for an enclosure that fits my requirements? No glass as i want cross ventalation in all my enclosures and i don't want to mess with that, nor pay the cost of glass.

I've also looked at pre made enclosures and can not find the correct size in these. Either that or they have bad ratings for being flimsy.

There are far more good options for small arboreals in my experience. Nothing i like for terrestrial and fossorials tarantulas.

I've tried dollar General, was mart and other local stores and have found nothing useful.


Grape Apple Pie

Tarantula Club Member
Yeah! What he said! Enclosures have been what's on my mind most as of late. I saw some on someone's website but I don't remember which one?. Maybe Austin S or something?
The herpcult is a maybe but i don't like how they did the ventalation.


Maybe im being too ocd and should just pick something?
Im leaning towards the "pecky plastic". Ive considered a critter keepers as well although they aren't stackable and i don't like the ventalation. The ventalation really shouldn't be a huge issue for what im using it for though so im not ruling it out.