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Malaysian Forest Scorpion strikes a pose


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Although H. Spinifer shouldn't be handled, they nevertheless make interesting pets. Yes, they can be finicky eaters. If some emergency should arise which means that you need to handle, simply place the scorpion in a 50 degrees environment for one hour and then return it to the enclosure when done. Turn up any heaters you have, but put it on the cold side of the cage.

Like tarantulas, the heating pads, if you choose to use them need to be on the side of the tank lengthwise to create a cold side and a hot side. It is also practically mandatory to have a thermometer and humidity gauge as well as a variable voltage controller (just $20-$30 from amazon) to optimize heat and humidity.

If a fast needs to be broken, ensure that the waterdish remains full at all times (no sponges!!) The dish should be big enough for the scorpion to submerge completely but shallow enough so that it can exit easily. Lower the humidity to 50% and raise the temperature to 88-90 degrees for 8 hours. After that, introduce live food. Mine refuses crickets and prefers roaches 3/4 of her body size.

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