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Ideas about altering ZooMeds Creature enclosures to make them tarantula safe?


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The terrestrial enclosure they make are low profile. If you had 4" of substrate the spider could still touch the ground.
Personally in almost 40 years in the hobby I've never seen a spider of mine stuck. Or have I bought a enclosure with such a crappy screen that would increase the likelihood of it getting stuck. I agree these these enclosures have nice screens.
As for the arboreal enclosures...arboreals dont get stuck. Not a issue.

Jess S

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I've looked into the issue with mesh screens a lot in the past.

If the screen is the same as Rs50matt and Arachnoclown say, the t won't get stuck at all. It is the mesh screens made out of strips of metal overlapping each other that causes the issue as where they overlap, you get a tight v shape. And it's there in that tight overlap that tarsal claws get stuck. However, the screen shown above is just holes cut into one sheet of metal, so you don't have the overlap that traps tarsal claws.


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Thank you everyone, I was really worried. I have not seen the screens in person yet as I still have to pick them up from my friends. My other reptile cages from zoomed have the screen tops with overlapping wire.

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