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How is this tank for a Chaco golden knee tarantula?

Is this a good setup for a Chaco golden knee tarantula?

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Hi I make custom terrariums for all different types of animals and I got one for a Chaco golden knee tarantula.So I made a enclosure for it and was wondering if this is a good enclosure if there's any changes I should make or anything I can do to make it better. It is a 29 gallon aquarium with 7 inches of substrate sloping down it has live plants and is completely bioactive.It also has a water fall.


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Since it is a G. pulchripes, I wouldn't put them in a bioactive setup, simply because they like dry conditions and a lot of plants you see in bioactive enclosures require a lot of moisture. The sticks could present a falling hazard. The rocks could be a potential hazard if the G. pulchripes were to fall as well, more substrate wouldn't hurt either, I'd also be worried about the rocks caving in on the tarantula if it burrowed under. Most cases I would say the enclosure size is too large (I would only put a tarantula over 8" DLS. Now if you don't have much experience with tarantulas, I would NOT recommend getting one of these, but a Hysterocrates gigas would look amazing in that enclosure if it had a few more inches of substrate.

But that is just my opinion as I am a minimalist and only use the bare necessities in my enclosures, others may defer.


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Thank you PanzoN88 and Arachnoclown for your opinion. I have since taken out the live plants and sticks. Added more dirt. The rocks go down to the bottom and are silicone in,so that is not a problem. Also the tarantula is not for me it is for someone with way more experience.