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US For Sale T. albo, A. seemanni and more


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Updated 4/11


Tliltocatl albopilosus

0.3.0 - Sub-AD $40 each
0.1.0 - Young Adult $50
3.0.0 - 1 or 2 molts from maturity $30 each
1.0.0 - Imm $20
Pairs- $75 (2 available)

Aphonopelma seemanni
0.3.0 - Juvie $35 each
0.3.0 - Sub-Ad $40 each
2.0.0 - 1 or 2 molts from maturity $30 each

Lasiodora parahybana
1.0.0 - 4.5" $60


Paruroctonus silvestrii

0.2.0 - Adult $10 each
1.0.0 - Juvie/Sub-Ad $6
P. silvestrii - Copy.jpg

Centruroides sculpturatus
X.X.0 - Xeric form. $5 each, $4 each with the purchase of 5 or more. Larger quantities available, PM me if your interested.

Terms for sales.

Minimum purchase $40, before shipping cost.

First come/paid, first served. I do not hold unless payment has been made.

2-3 day shipping starting around $20 with LAG, final shipping cost will be determined based on your zip code and size of the order. With respect, I don’t make money on shipping, but I can’t lose either. Not responsible for any delayed package resulting in DOA or any lost package in transit. USA shipping only. Local Temps must be between 40⸰(overnight low)-90⸰(daytime high).

In the event of a DOA I will need notification and photo the day of delivery. Refund will be the purchase price of the animal only, no refunds on shipping. Freebies are not covered under LAG.

Payments through PayPal. Please add 3% transaction fee if you choose NOT to pay by "send money to friend or family" when using PayPal.

My Reviews - http://arachnoboards.com/reviews-reports/tom-roberts.375/
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