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Enclosure too big?


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Hello everyone!

I got an Aphanopelma juvenile some weeks ago.

The shop was specialiced on tarantulas and they gave an enclosure (30x30x30 cm) that looked too big for a juvenile in my opinion.

Im afraid that the size of this enclosure might stress the tarantula. What do you think? Should I move her to a smaller one?

She looked stressed as she is in a defensive position all day long (lengs close to the body)

Thanks for you advices!


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From end to end leg it has a lenght of 8 cm. It has depth enough for any cave it wants to make and also a place to hide. If the size is enough I will just wait.


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Tarantulas dont stress because the enclosure is too big...they have a hard time hunting if the T is too small. ;)