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cotztetlana sp puebla


I purchased one of these beauties from fearnottarantulas and it’s currently tiny but it seems ok in the enclosure I put it in I was just wondering if there are any special care requirements, I did a little research on them and as far as I’ve seen they are like a brachypelma. However there is very little about them so if anyone has any tips about them that would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm currently having the same problem, not knowing any information about them, have you managed to find anything else out about them? @Balfouriboi
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Have you tried "fearnot"? If she has them on her sight im sure shell have at least some info on how to keep them.


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I was about to tell the same advice as @Phobik1 - If you ever have any questions of species you've purchased, just contact the vendor you got the T from :) Reliable vendors always know how to keep species they're selling or even breeding.


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I was told simply just to keep them as any brachy and that they was super rare and hard to get hold of

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