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A few questions about Tarantula's


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Yo so just a question.
My B albipilosum sling, quite big now maybe 3.5cm.

I fed him a mealworm, it was about the same size as him, maybe a bit smaller. Could this have injured him? Because I put the worm in his enclosure and he immediately jumped him, was a feeding response.
Worm kinda struggled for a second or two and then went limp. About a minute later the worm freaked and span like crazy, but my T moved with him as he span and eventually died.

I know a mealworm is soft but could it harm a T? Cause 1 hour later I saw my T rubbing it's fangs with it's pedipalps. Just left the mealworm.


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Meal worms are fine but for a tiny sling I would crush the head. If your using super worms (morio worms) I would crush the head for slings/juveniles as they have strong mandibles and could potentially harm. Not saying it will but I prefer to eliminate any potential.


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That was a big meal I agree. I also crush the head before offering meal/super worms. As far as the fang rubbing, that could be grooming. They are pretty clean creatures. I often catch my hamorii in some stage of grooming after a meal
This ended up being what he was doing.
I didn't realize tarantulas do that.
The worm is 80% gone he still eating
So he killed it
Groomed himself
Then ate it
Not sure why


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Thanks guys I not too sure what is too small for an abdomen and what isn't.
Most T I see the abdomen is much larger than the carapace

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