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I have to give up my tarantula addiction to a good home. I’ve been caring for them for years. Some are small , some have gotten very large. But I have to leave Rhode Island and they can’t go with me. ( beyond my control) Local pick up only, thanks. Enclosures included.

New world-

-Avicularia Avicularia- Guyana Pink Toe

-Psalmopoeus cambridgei- Trinidad chevron

-Aphonopelma seemanni-Costa Rican zebra

-Psalmopoeus irminia, Venezuelan suntiger

2-Bracypelma Albopilosum- curly hair

-Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens- Green Bottle Blue

-Caribena versicolor (Antilles pinktoe)

-Grammostola Iheringi- Entre Rios

Grammostola Porteri- Chilean Rose hair

Nhandu chromatus- Brazilian Red and White

-Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican Redknee)

-ephebopus cyanognathus (blue fang)

-Brachypelma albiceps (golden red rump)

Old World-

-Poecilotheria Vittata- Ghost Ornamental

-Poecilotheria tigrinawesselli-Wessel's tiger ornamental

-Poecilotheria Rufilata-red slate ornamental

-Poecilotheria Regalis- Indian ornamental

-Poecilotheria Smithi- yellow backed ornamental

-Heteroscodra Maculata- Togo Starburst baboon

-Died-Harpactira pulchripes- golden blue leg baboon

-Pterinochilus Murinus- Orange Baboon tarantula

-Pelinobius Muticus- King Baboon

-Chilobrachys sp. “Electric Blue”

-Monocentropus balfouri-Socotra Island Blue Baboon
I hate that this has to happen. And I’ll only consider serious homes. They are a love. Some are years old and some are juvie to slings. But I’m up against a wall and they got to be re-homed. Free to Rhode Island or upper east coast. Pick up only.