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  1. The Exotic Kingdom

    Repticon Jacksonville, FL

    Who's coming out this weekend?
  2. D

    New tarantula owner

    Good day to all. Im new to the tarantula world and the second i got my first one i become obsessed. My first one is a GBB, second mexican red knee, then got another GBB and then got an OBT. Plus im waiting for 2 socatra island blue baboons and a curly hair. Plus i have 2 snakes as well lol. Btw...
  3. mak_manning3

    B. Vagans

    Hey guys! So I'm new to the hobby and I'm super interested in the brachypelma vagans. I am currently on the search for an adult male or female (preferably female but I won't be picky). If any of you could please help me find a reliable site to purchase one or if one of you have one and would be...
  4. J

    I suspect my GBB has been infested with mold. PLEASE HELP

    My year and a half or so old Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens has been doing quite fine for awhile but 3 or 4 days ago I found mold in it's enclosure. I made a stupid decision by putting small wooden statues in the new home I gave it 2 months ago. The mold appeared on both small statues. I...
  5. J

    G rosea Male

    i desperately need a male G rosea. Message me if you do. Thanks
  6. K

    US Tarantulas MF, juvies MM

    7/30/2019 I have the following T's available: Adult Females: These girls are BIG AND NICE. Ready to be bred or just simply display! B. boehmei 5' $250 M. robustum 6' $200 L. violaceopes 7' $150 B. auratum 6' GORGEOUS GIRL $400 quite rare. No one really sells these females, especially at...
  7. Mvtt70

    New website, YT channel, FB page and more...

    Just wanted to share my new website I created for T sales, as well as a YT channel and other social medias with a lot of stuff up and coming. Feel free to check it out, thanks. Also doing website work for any other sellers who'd like a better one made. New T Sales List Website...
  8. DreadedNeith

    Help sex my Brachypelma albopilosum

    Just got this Brachypelma albopilosum. I'm hoping it's a girl. Maybe someone here can make an educated guess.
  9. Pinkyx92

    Tips and Tricks for T enclosures!

    Greetings to all who come across this thread! I would like to share some tips and tricks to having a beautiful T enclosure (can work for most inverts and even reptiles!) 1. Money don't grow on trees, but WOOD/BARK and other awesome decor DO! A lot of vendors sell you decorative pieces they got...
  10. martiannova

    Moving on from beginner species?

    I've only dabbled in terrestrials so far, and typically only new worlds on the "easy" list (curly hairs, golden knees, etc). When do you know you're ready for the jump into intermediate or more "dangerous" tarantulas? I eventually want ornamental breeds, but after reading an entire thread about...
  11. martiannova

    New T Hobbyist :)!

    Hello! I'm a recent tarantula enthusiast from Fort Collins. I currently share a curly hair (Hemlock) and own a costa rican zebra (Buckeye). We also had a sling but lost her to dehydratyion, we believe. Any humidity/enclosure tips or links are really appreciated! I eventually want a mexican red...
  12. GBB Molt...

    GBB Molt...

    My GBB that I've had since 5/9/19 molted on 6/11/19. It's getting bigger!!
  13. Sid_1990

    Amazing Facts About the Tarantula

    I read a very interesting article 2 day ago https://onekindplanet.org/animal/spider-tarantula/ I was in shock about the fact that: "The ‘spider-hunting wasp’ is the most deadly enemy of the tarantula. Known as the ‘tarantula hawk’, it is usually much smaller than the tarantula, yet ventures into...
  14. Lady J

    US SALE – downsizing collection! Well established beginner tarantula Slings and Juvenile Female

    Hi everybody, I’m downsizing due to space issues, this is what I have left available Juvenile Female Brachypelma Albopilosum 3” x1 $30 Slings Brachypelma Sabulosum 1.50” x 1 $40 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescenes 1.50” x1 $50 Grammostola Rosea (red color form) 1.50” x1 $50 beginner package...
  15. The Spider Collector

    Poecilotheria smithi

    Hi guys I have a mature female Poecilotheria smithi but can't seem to find a mature male?
  16. Hat of shame

    Hat of shame

    Grounded because he dropped his water dish 2 times. Making the substrate wet. When i tried to change the substrate, he shed his urticating hair. This photo i took 1 month ago :D . Too cute not to post...
  17. patricia

    Tarantula Magazine - Monocentropus balfouri issue

    Hello spiderlings! I am currently working on creating the second issue of my tarantula eZine, which will focus on the Monocentropus balfouri (you can see the first issue here: https://issuu.com/thespinnerette/docs/tarantula_magazine?e=36683027/67386117). If you are interested in submitting any...
  18. patricia

    A tarantula magazine has been released!

    Hello everyone! Some of you may recall that a few months ago I was asking for feedback about a digital tarantula magazine I wanted to create. I just wanted to announce that the first issue has been released! This issue includes wonderful interviews and pieces by popular tarantula owners such as...
  19. KIA_PETE

    Why is my GBB always like this XD

    My GBB trying its hardest to be a Facehugger.
  20. Mvtt70

    Caribena versicolor Rehousing Video

    One of my first tarantula videos, even though I have a good-sized collection of 25 specimens. Hopefully I'll keep some good content coming, I'd like to do a feeding video next.