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  1. Logan D

    US Mm p.ornata

    I have a mature Male ornata for sale he molted about 4 months ago asking 80 plus shipping Shipping will include lag as long as it was overnight
  2. Logan D

    US MM P.Regalis

    I have a mature male regalis just matured on 3/16/19 looking to trade him for another pokie or sell him please PM me and we can see about working something out
  3. Logan D

    Is this guy ready to go ?

    @Enn49 can you delete this please arachno helped me out
  4. Logan D

    Is this guy ready to go ?

    Cant really tell if he is mature this is the best picture I can get
  5. Logan D

    Poecilotheria regalis questions

    honestly doesn't matter what t you want to get as long as you've done your research and know what your getting your self into most of the poecilotheria species tend to run away rather than bite but they can bite and if they do you will most likely end up in the hospital in extreme pain and have...
  6. Logan D

    US Tarantulas/others for sale!

    willing to split them up ?
  7. Logan D

    US Tarantulas/others for sale!

    willing to part the versicolor pair ?
  8. Logan D

    Ornata sling suspected male

  9. Logan D

    US male poecilotheria metallica

    if any one knows where I can get one the help would be much appreciated
  10. P.ornata sling after molt

    P.ornata sling after molt

  11. P.Ornata male

    P.Ornata male

  12. P.ornata female

    P.ornata female

  13. P.ornata female

    P.ornata female

  14. P.ornata male

    P.ornata male