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  1. khatchet

    "Wild" wood for enclosure

    you just need to bake it no need to freraze after, baking is also much fast only takes about an hour and freazing you would have to go about a week i not longer as many pest can go in to a harbnation for awhile to stand the cold, if the wood is realy thick you may have to back it longer though...
  2. khatchet

    temperature question

    if you could keep your home a bet warmer in the summer, i have always kept mine at room temp with is always about 70 for me. they all do fine at that. When the ac is running the hot mist humitafer is almost a must to keep humdity right though
  3. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    @kormath i am not sure if you rember me, but i am glad to see you are still around.
  4. khatchet

    Brachypelma smithi Sling

    She is a great looking little thing.
  5. khatchet

    My new B. vagans

    She looks great, i love these guys. Cant wait to see more of her!
  6. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    Even with the ones like that though there is not raelly any info about the spider it self.
  7. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    I like your first page better, I am not a big natgeo fan see this post to most false info on things.
  8. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    Wish i could find some good info on them but what is out there is still intresting, even if it has to be tacken as not for sure be fact. I will be keeping a look out for more stuff on them to turn up.
  9. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    That was my problem i could not find anything cretidble when reading up on them
  10. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    It does not look like there are any reliable sites with info, not that i can see any way. If any o you know good sites with info let me know.
  11. khatchet

    Silkhenge spider

    How many of you have seen this yet. I have not researched them at all yet, but they seem cool. What does everyone else think of them?
  12. khatchet

    Got another job

    Thanks and there will be photos of them.
  13. khatchet

    Got another job

    As the title says I got another job. I will try to stell get on, on my days off just not sure how often it will be. Good thing is more money for tarantula, hoping for more pick up on the 3rd.
  14. khatchet

    Khatchet's wish list

    There is arealdy so many more I want, and sorry for the late reply got another job.
  15. khatchet

    Brachypelma sling questions

    That is what I do as well.