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  1. timc

    QotW: Feeding

    So, nobody bats 1.000 as we all know, but today I had a good 18 out of 22 tarantulas eat today for a solid 81%. (The other four consisted of two premolts and two posts molts, although the boehmei probably would have eaten). So this week i’m wondering what some of your better feeding days have...
  2. timc

    Who's molted today

    Brachypelma smithi molted today. Official over 2 inches, no longer a sling. They grow up so fast...
  3. timc

    Can I feed my Mexican red knee tarantula monarch caterpillars?

    Wild caught prey is generally frowned upon in the hobby, but I guess if you know for sure these caterpillars haven’t been exposed to anything that could be harmful to your tarantula you could, in theory. The only thing is, you’d really only be getting rid of one caterpillar a week, if even that...
  4. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    N. chromatus starting to look like a little miniature adult. This little one really disappointed me when I first got her, what with being buried all the time but she grows on me day by day. Finally justifying my excitement for jumping into the genus. Post molt C. versicolor #2. The blue just...
  5. timc

    Who's molted today

    Brachypelma boehmei molted overnight. Hasn’t come out of her burrow yet but some very pale looking toes are visible.
  6. timc

    Hi I don’t know much about tarantulas and I was wondering how much longer until this little guy molts

    Looks like some kind of Brachypelma species. Is it still eating? If it’s still accepting food it’s not likely in premolt. While some individuals will eat right up until the day they molt, it’s pretty rare among Brachys in my experience. And i’ll echo @ilovebrachys, excessive handling can lead to...
  7. timc

    Difficulty finding Loans?

    I think the reason you don’t see replies is just that people send private messages. That’s how i’ve gone about it the couple of times I wanted to make a purchase through a forum. Not everyone needs to know my business lol
  8. timc

    When does record keeping become obsessive?

    I...try to remember when the last ate or molted lol. I would never look at records again so I don’t keep them, though I have tried in the past.
  9. timc

    Who's molted today

    LP molted last night. Over the past week i’ve had both versicolors, B. albiceps, B. hamorii, and N. chromatus all molt. Hoping for a few more before summer ends (looking at you aphonopelmas...)
  10. timc

    QotW: Skittish?

    So, I got a new puppy 2 weeks ago and that thing is a lot of work. But, he’s asleep right now so I finally have the time/energy for a Question of the Week! This week I want to talk about what the most skittish tarantula in your collection is. Mine, bizarrely, would be my two Aphonopelma...
  11. timc

    Timc’s verts

    Gritty the gritten Sly “I pretend to be a good boy” the puppy. Waldo (left) and Clyde frog, the red eyes. And last but certainly not least, Mitts, the crested gecko. Hope everyone enjoys these!
  12. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    B. emilia This was as far as I could trick my GBB into coming out. T. albopilosus And lastly, the eternal cellar dweller, B. hamorii Hope everyone enjoys!
  13. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    N. chromatus looking ready for a molt. B. klassi Still very teeny P. sazimai A. chalchodes #1 B. smithi in a Mexican red knee stand off
  14. timc

    Who's molted today

    T. vagans was sporting some new threads when I got home from work. Looks like she hardly grew any though because Tliltocatl.
  15. timc

    New arrivals

    The sling colors are (in my opinion) better than the adult colors. You better post some pictures lol. My girl is all grown up and I miss the pinks blacks and golds, so I need to live vicariously through you and your sling.