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  1. Spotted Bull

    Phidippus comatus lifespan?

    Very good information here. Thanks all for sharing. I've got 60 regius slings at the moment.
  2. Spotted Bull

    Just Realized...

    I'm on an Android as well.
  3. Spotted Bull

    Just Realized...

    Yeah I really can't remember how I found it. Must have been on my phone. I use it a lot when I'm not close to my computer. Tried to search the Google App store and didn't come up. Pretty sure I'm not imagining it. but...
  4. Spotted Bull

    Just Realized...

    I was just trying to remember how it was that I found it...
  5. Spotted Bull

    Last time you got threat postured

    This morning. My female Aphonopelma chalcodes usually comes out during the morning and kinda looks around and stares at me while I work. So when she hadn't been out by 3 pm, I gently eased a paint brush under her hide and touched her back leg. Immediately started kicking hair, turned around and...
  6. Spotted Bull

    New to Slings

    It does help. All help is good help. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!
  7. Spotted Bull

    Just Realized...

    ...that there's an app. Pretty cool!
  8. Spotted Bull

    Good beginners snake

    Sand boas, rosy boas, rough scaled sand boas, hognose (rear fang venomous though, just FYI), there are a couple species of garter snakes that stay small, rough scaled snakes stay small and eat insects but are hard to find captive bred.
  9. Spotted Bull

    Cyclosternum schmardae

    That's cool.
  10. Spotted Bull

    New to Slings

    Thanks I'm looking forward to it actually!
  11. Spotted Bull

    What is your profession?

    New career path (sort of) for me. I now work for an organization called United South and Eastern Tribes. We work to better every aspect of our Tribal Nations, from healthcare to environmental programs, etc.
  12. Spotted Bull

    Other Pets

    Yes but when they bring their offspring over to visit, it can be quite rewarding!
  13. Spotted Bull

    Other Pets

    Currently we have a deaf rescue dog mutt, 2 rescue cats, 1 Brazilian short-tailed possum, 2 dwarf rabbits, 14 hedgehogs, 6 snakes, 7 lizards, 1 Pandinus imperator, 1 Aphonopelma chalcodes, and 1 Tliltocati albopinosus. I think that all...
  14. Spotted Bull

    New to Slings

    Many thanks Tom. I'll read it tonight. Gotta say too, I'm a big big fan of your videos.