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Gurat's latest activity

  • Gurat
    Gurat replied to the thread Acting Clumsy.
    Premolt, is when the T is going to change her skin right? And how long would that be?
  • Gurat
    Hi guys, about 3 weeks or 4 weeks ago i changed my enclosure for my T, bought one EXOTERRA. My T is still acting clumsy, like climbing...
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  • Gurat
    Gurat replied to the thread Gramostola enclosure.
    So is it normal? Nothing to worry about? And I guess its normal as well refusing food right? And how do I know that she is feeling secure?
  • Gurat
    Hi guys I just changedmy T's enclosure, and it's kinda acting weird, it stays up by the glass as shown in the picture, is it normal?
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