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Hey, I just discovered this part!!!! Hey yall!! Thanks for the warm welcomes in my introduction thread :)
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Right i just found it on my profile too.
Hello Enzo! I miss you guys and thank you for the well wishes! I am gradually stepping back into things (nothing too fast) and look forward to speaking to you soon guys! Much love!!!!!
1st day on this forum, much bigger than i initially thought o_O.
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Stick around, new friend. It will be amazing how much you learn AND how fun it is!
I will definitely, i'm much better at finding my way around thankfully :) It's so fun and cool to see all these cool and amazing T's and learning about them! :D
Hey Matt I was told you might need a MM OBT. I am from Sacramento, CA
NukaMedia Exotics
NukaMedia Exotics
Hi unfortunately I do not actually need a MM OBT at the moment, however I do have some other species that I'm in search of. This is the current list of species that I'm looking for mature males of:

B. boehmei
C. versicolor
H. devamatha
I. mira
L. polycuspulatus
P. ultramarinus
P. sp. “Mascara”
P. sp. “Tigris”
P. atrichomatus
P. fasciata
P. metallica
P. regalis
P. striata
P. vittata
P. irminia
Hey Matt! Checking in pronto! My job took me out of town to Utah, semi-emergency and at a moments notice....anyway, I can pack your Ts tonight and ship Express tomorrow for Saturday arrival if you're available to accept them when they arrive. I'm covering shipping. Hopefully you can PM me within the next two hours, because I've go to drive out to where my Ts are 50 miles away to pack them.
just unboxed and successfully housed my new Gbb about 1 inch and our texas brown 1\4 into their new enclosures from Fear Not, and i love them so much already. I just want to watch them all day settling in nicely to their new homes! So excited to finally be an T owner! I have a plan to learn their scientific names so just bear with me. I'm addicted already and will be looking to add more to the fam!!!
I sell Birupes simoroxigorum, shipping from Bali, if you are in Bali, contact me if you want to buy a tarantula with me
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I sell Birupes simoroxigorum, shipping from Bali, if you are in Bali, contact me if you want to buy a tarantula with me , Thank You
I'm pretty much out of the hobby now. Sorry for missing profile posts and messages. I only check in rarely, and almost never look at my profile.
Too bad. You are one of the best, and you dilute the toxicity over at AB.
That's very kind of you to say. PM me if you need anything, and I'll continue to look at my notifications once a week or something like that.
What’s up Tarantula Forum Family! It’s been quite some time but I’m still in the hobby strong…
Hi, I am looking for a theraphosa blondi. Have been having been having issues finding one, especially with a decent price. I live in Eastern Oregon. Please email me back at [email protected]. Thanks. Matt.
Keep searching the marketplace in the forum but I do have a couple of great vendors I can recommend for you, but its not a guarantee that they may have the T. blondi in stock. I know they're hard to come by.