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US x11 .5" Tlitocatl Albopilosum slings $85 SHIPPED


Priced to move

2 lots available

Shipping is overnight/2day with FedEx/ShipYourReptiles. Shipping days are Monday-Wednesday. Please allow up to 48hrs handling time due to the busy holidays. For a quote, I'll need your zip code. To hold a shipment for up to 30 days a %25 non refundable deposit is required. Payment is through PayPal (Gift/Friend) Live Arrival Guarantee, or LAG, is only available under ideal temperatures in both locations (Above 60 and below 90 degrees) To ship colder is at the buyers risk.
In case of a DOA, (under LAG) it is the buyers responsibility to contact us within 2 hours of delivery with any issues. Any DOA will be replaced if possible, or refunded...however shipping costs are non-refundable. Delivery must be taken on the first attempt. Heat packs/cold packs provided when available at no extra cost. We are not responsible for carrier delays or mishandling.
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Only ONE pack left! For a limited time, instead of 11 slings you'll get 14 for the same price!! Sale ends Dec.19th at 11:59pm.This packs ship date can only be shipped as soon as Dec.30th due to the holidays!


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