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This is a gyana pink toe tarantula. Please help me with advise. He seems a bit off to me he has never stood like that one leg looks bent in the back please help me. Let me know if it is normal let me know if anything is bad. Please I’m scared and worried for him
Hi there
Its very difficult to give good advice based on your pictures.
Tarantulas often will stay in all sorts of weird positions.
Could you please share more information on how long you have it.Is it a male for sure.What husbandry practices you have, how often you feed.
Pictures of the whole enclosure.Where about it normally hangs out......
Regards Konstantin


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What Konstantin says is true. I would just add to that that if you just bought it, it is probably a wild caught spider and may have come with an injured leg. It will drop the leg if necessary and grow a new one.

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