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Wolf Spider Babies

Kaden Alexander

Well-Known Member
My female Trochosa ruricola laid an egg sac around 4 weeks ago. I’d say about half of the eggs have hatched so far. I’m worried that the other half may not hatch. I’m also worried about what I’m gonna do with all of the babies when they are super small. When they leave her back I don’t know if I will be ready to release them into the wild. I probably will leave the lid open and place the enclosure outside, and place small sticks leaning against the wall so they can use it to climb over the side. I really want to keep the female though, but I think it would be best to release her as well. If I do release her, I will place a bigger stick for her to use. I can’t get any pictures because she made a dirt blanket covering her and the babies, but I will post pictures of her before the egg sac.


I found a wolf spider on my porch today. I also kept it. It already ate two pinhead crickets. Not sure about how to keep it... Any suggestions Kaden Alexander?

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