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What to do with burrowing dubias?


Hi Guys! I am a newbie T keeper. I got my first T last July which is a GBB sling and yesterday I got my B.Auratum and LP slings. I am just wondering what do you guys do when a dubia nymph that you gave your sling ran inside the T's hide and burrowed itself there? Do you try to remove the nymph(potentially ruining the Ts hide) or juts leave the nymph there? Are the slings able to hunt the nymph down? I'm afraid the nymph would just starve and die there and molds would grow on it. Any response would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Casey K.

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I leave mine alone. Eventually the roach will want to come up for a drink from the reservoir as they need water to hydrate. When it does, I take it out or crush its head and then throw it back in there (over a period of time the roach will grow if not removed but won't harm your tarantula). Lateralis (red runner) roaches are different. They crave protein and will eat your tarantula if left in too long. They are much like crickets. That's the only roach I know of that's bad to leave with your tarantula for long periods of time. Usually, I take any uneaten food out after a 24 hour period of them not eating but if they don't eat because it burrowed then I do what I stated previously.