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US Warning. Randall Baker aka [email protected]


Just a heads up those who may not research a seller before purchasing. I recieved an email from "Randall W. Baker" who said his name was James (???) Stating he has two mature males that I've been looking for. Figuring this was too good to be true, I asked for pictures and further information while I looked into him further. He sent me pictures that he claims are the Ts he had for sale. I did a quick search and found them found on google. All he did was rotate the picture but you can still see the water mark. Not to mention they weren't even mature. See our correspondence below and beware. ALWAYS research a seller before buying. Ask for reviews, more information pictures, etc. Its not being rude, it's being smart And if it offends the seller, there's your first red flag.

Here are some tips for purchasing from an unknown party:

1. Do their usernames, emails, and names provided match? If not, that's enough to peak the curiosity.

2. Do they have reviews? Do they dodge your requests for them to provide reviews?

3. This may sound rude, but how is their grammar and their english? Most scammers who email me do so poorly. Does it look like the names were copy and pasted? Notice in the email he sent me it looks like he copy and paste right from my ad. Notice the format of the species names.

4. If pictures are sent, look for watermarks. Do they line up with who the seller is? Do a google search. If you see the pictures on google, it's a pretty safe assumption that this is a scam.

5. If it's in an email correspondence and you cant find anything off but still dont have their reviews, ask for their screen name of the site they found the add on. Look at their joined date, post count, and any feedback you can.





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For anyone who does not know Google offers a great feature called image search. which allows you to search the internet for an uploaded image, in the same way that you search for a word & it is really easy to do.

First save the image to your PC/tablet etc. You can use an images url, but I find image searches work best with an image & not it's url.

Having saved your image, do a google word search of a random word or letter, number etc. Now at the top of the page, click on the images tab & in the search box click on the camera image on the right of the search box. Now click on upload an image & select the image you want to use from your PC & do your search.

The above takes seconds to do. But will sometimes bring up pages of sources for a single image.


Would be interesting to see if its connected I'm putting all the guys info out to warn people and I know that's his real number


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you can also get a reverse image application from Google play, samsung store etc. upload the picture and it will show you where it had been used before (or not). I had a seller in the UK who had a list too good to be true....and guess what, it was!
I was sent 8 pictures, 6 of which were photos from other sites, they said come round if you don't believe me and then gave a false address. Pays to do a bit of homework.

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