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US Various Preying Mantids For Sale!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Major 78, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Major 78

    Major 78 Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2018
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    Heres what's in stock. I usually sell 50% of stock within the week, so get it while you can! I also accept trades for tarantulas. Please read TOS.

    • x3 Spiny Flower (Pseudocreobotra wahlbergi)
    Known to be the prettiest mantis in the hobby! Fast growers, great eaters. Currently L3-4. Each for $15, all for $40.
    • x2 Giant Asian (Hierodula Membranacea)
    The classic green mantis. Can get massive. One is L4, other L6. The L6 is a massive giant! Very pretty colors, grow at an unbelievable rate! Always accept food. Easy to care for, no special requirements. L4 is for $15, L6 is for $25.

    • x3 Ghost (Phylocrania Paradoxa)
    By far the easiest mantis to care for. And one of the only communal species! They can be communal even if from different oothecae (egg sacs). Two confirmed female with relish coloring, both L6. And a L5 male that's brown. The crazy thing about the male is it has GOLD HIGHLIGHTS!!! Never seen this in any of my ghosts before. If you breed them, some of the babies will carry this gold gene. Get them all for $65! Alone is $25. SOLD WITHIN MINUTES OF POST!!! THINGS ARE FLYING OFF THE SHELVES!!!

    Buy everything for $75!!! LIMITED TIME!!!

    Minimum order is $30.

    Terms of Service: I ship ONLY via USPS in the continental US. Overnight is $35.00 2-3 day is $13. LAG only applies to overnight shipping. LAG only applies to temperature between 40F-85F. Heat pack or cold pack will be added to you package for no extra cost. I am not to be held responsible for and delays in package that are fault of carrier. If their is a DOA you must contact me within 2 hours of receiving the package and send me picture with a pin through the abdomen. I may ask for you to place a random object in picture to prove picture was not taken from the web. If all requirements are met you will be refunded for that item. Shipping is never refunded. Email me at [email protected] for further inquires, or PM me. Contact me for pictures.
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