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USARK needs support


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Not sure how many of you have been keeping up with the recent lacey act additions. USARK is preparing a lawsuit with USFWS after the finalization of the "constrictor rule".

Whether or not you keep snakes of any type, support from all pet groups is needed to defeat this. The best thing we can do now is donate to the USARK reptile defense fund. I've donated what I can for now, and every little bit helps even if its $5. We're up against huge organizations such as HSUS and the ASPCA, both of which want to end "exotic" pet ownership as a whole. "Exotic" being anything besides dogs and cats.

Eventually we as Tarantula enthusiasts may find ourselves in need of the support of USARK, and the reptile community, just as the large constrictor keepers need our support now. This is a time for all of us animal hobbyists to band together not duck for cover and hope we stay under the radar, while other keepers take the heat.

Please donate and continue to pass the link to the reptile defense fund around.

Thank you.