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Tiny Bald Bean who hasn’t molted in months!


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Hello everyone,

I have had Tula my Mexican curly haired tarantula for about 2 years now. I purchased Tula from a website called Jaime’s Tarantula’s as a juvenile tarantula. My plan is to raise them into adulthood and enjoy my fuzzy pet.

however I am concerned at the rate of growth for Tula. They have molted about 3-4 times in the time I’ve had them, but have not molted in months. Tula also has a bald spot on their thorax and has had that for about 9 months with no molt to accompany it.

I feed Tula live meal worms (3) each week. If I attempt to feed them everyday, they don’t eat the worms. I keep their enclosure temp at a 65-67°F temperature.

I also noticed that Tula drinks a lot of water. I have to refill their water dish everyday, sometimes twice a day.

does anyone know why my Tula isn’t molting and why they have the bald spot?



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Hello and welcome. Your Tula is from Honduras in South America :). It’s also a he and is matured now.

Ive circled his hook (he will have one on the opposite leg to) you may also notice a difference in the end of his pedipalps.
He won’t molt again now.
Bad news - Mature males are on the final stage of their life cycles and they tend to not hang around for too long.
Good news -Tula seems to be a good eater , Mms generally stop eating and focus solely on finding a mate. We have a Nicaraguan locality curly hair Mm and he’s been matured coming up for 3 years and he doesn’t eat as often as yours does.
Hydration is important so props to you for keeping on top of his water but be aware that he could go at any time and there’s nothing you can do about it.
The bald spot is nothing to worry about. Most Mms that can kick hair tend to and after a while they have none left but still try to kick it. Can be amusing at times.
Hope this was helpful to you


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Thank you for the responses!
I thought the life span of tarantulas could be up to 25 years. Is that only the Females or for specific breeds?
He’s also very small for a tarantula. Again is that due to his breed or gender?


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Lifespans are rough estimates but yes. Some species can live close to 30 years or more. Others will do well to hit 10. Adult females will live 3 or 4 times the lifespan of a male but again. It’s all estimates.

these are both Tliltocatl Albopilosus Nicaraguan. (Curly hair). Top is female bottom is mature male. She’s much bigger than him and most likely a lot older but unfortunately for the male he will be long gone before she starts to “get old” mature males don’t often get too big and always smaller than the female. in the extremes like the earth tigers, a female can be 6-8 inches whereas a male can mature at a mere 2 inches. The breeding videos are interesting to watch and you feel Sorry for the little guys but that’s how they’ve evolved and that’s how it works

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