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US Tarantulas for Sale LOTS OF FEMALES


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Slings (unsexed):
1” Caribena versicolor $25e
1” Ceratogyrus brachycephalus (US FIRST) $75e
1″ Cyriocosmus giganteus $90e

Juveniles (unsexed):
3.5” B.vagans $25e

5” Adult Ceratogyrus darlingi $90e
5” Adult Stromatopelma calceatum $75e
5” Adult Aphonopelma seemanni $35e
5”+Adult Aphonopelma chalcodes $60e
5” Adult Haplopelma lividum $65e
5” Adult Haplopelma albostriatum $75e
5.5” Adult Ornithoctonus aureotibialis $125e
5.5” Adult Poecilotheria regalis $125e
6” Adult Ephebopus murinus $150e
3” Adult Idiothele mira $55e
3” Adult Idiothele nigrofulva $850e

US only! Payments through paypal. Shipping through FedEx based on zip. Overnight (with Live Arrival Guarantee) 2day (NO LAG). In the rare event of DOA on overnight shipping, price of spider will be refunded not shipping. Minimum Purchase price $50 (not including shipping) All sales are final.


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I want your 5” Adult Ceratogyrus darlingi $90e please I get payed in 24 hours and I'm willing to drop 150.00 plus what shipping costs to get this T. I've waited too long for this T and desire to have it.

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