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Tarantula feeding problem.


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So i am in a little bit of a pickle, none of my T's want to eat super/meal worms. I have young crickets I bred few weeks old, avic is young so they will be old enough soon for her to eat, but my big guys will have to wait a while..
I found a supplier near me, only one I can seem to find at the moment. How ever he cant ship right now because of some problems? what ever that means..
Anyway, how long is okay for them?

I mean they will be adults in a few weeks, but i just bred my female G. Porteri I was really wanting to feed her so she gets some weight for the egg production, knowing her she probably wouldn't eat anyway..But I would feel lot safer knowing she had the option.

I know I am just over thinking.. but I just want reassurance lol..


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Note: I know there are few stores who have them in stock they are just many hours away. And I don't have a car right now.. So yeah, just praying I can get a supplier soon that can ship 1000 over to me or something. Then I can breed em get thousands of babies. ^_^ Hahaha.
And hopefully if my breeding was a success (if she actually produces eggs etc, soon) I will have tons of baby crickets for the slings. Iv figured breeding out, I think i need a larger mass though so I can have a consistent weekly supply of pin heads.

Bonus question:

Also, I read most freeze there pin heads for a bit so they die or at lease are a sleep.
Is there any reason, I could not freeze thousands of pin heads after they get gut loaded, to then later feed to my slings? I read many many different opinions on this this topic, most are negative due to the no movement, however for slings that is what you want.. Some say there nutrition value gets decreased..But in my experience in food industry and general knowledge of food, I know that vegetables that are froze right away, keep all there nutrition, even more so then fresh vegetables, And as far as meat goes, also keeps the nutrition.

& I know its a task and a half to care for many slings but I got **** all going on in life right now and will be for quite a while possibly even next year or so, so I need **** to do!.. but I really wanna raise them for a few months before I start sales. Any opinions welcome :D
Thanks everyone ^_^


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sorry one more question. if anyone has links in amazon or what ever.
I know when I bread super worms for reptiles, I could go grocery store and buy 100s of dressing containers, to isolate them so they turn into beetles. I guess they don't do that anymore. Anyway I want them for the slings.
Cheap by the 100s containers for slings, any suggestions be great thanks!

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