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U.K. Tarantula collection for sale


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Tarantula spiderling collection for sale. Consisting of 15 unsexed, healthy slings in total. Small, appropriately-sized enclosures included with each spiderling. Recent molt/feeding info available on request (and representative images of specimens are included in this ad). Can drop-off the collection with the buyer if located in the Northwest of England (ideal given winter weather re. mailing). Aiming to sell the collection as discount job-lot (£185), but feel free to contact me re. individual specimen sales (via email at: [email protected]). Thank-you.h pulchripes.jpgP. metallica sling.jpg

Avicularia avicularia ('Guyana Pink Toe'), 2 cm diagonal leg span
Avicularia sp. Peru Purple ('Purple Pink Toe'), 2 cm
Caribena versicolor ('Martinique Pink Toe'), 2 cm
Dolichothele diamantenesis ('Brazilian Blue Dwarf Beauty'), 2 cm
Grammostola pulchra ('Brazilian Black '), 3 cm
Harpactira pulchripes ('Golden Blue Leg Baboon'), 2.5 cm
Heteroscodra maculata ('Togo Starburst Baboon'), 1.5 cm
Pelinobius muticus ('King Baboon'), 2 cm
Poecilotheria metallica ('Gooty Sapphire Ornamental'), 4 cm
Poecilotheria regalis ('Indian Ornamental'), 2.5 cm
Poecilotheria striata ('Mysore Ornamental'), 2.5 cm
Psalmopoeus cambridgei ('Trinidad Chevron'), 2 cm
Psalmopoeus irminia ('Venezualan Sun Tiger'), 2 cm
Psalmopoeus pulcher ('Panama Blonde'), 2 cm
Ybyrapora diveripes ('Amazon Sapphire Pink Toe'), 2.5 cm
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