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Tarantula Breeding Adventure


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Helloooooo my name's Nick and I'm currently a scorpion owner. I've found such a want to work with and care for these eight-legged creatures. I went from wanting to have one to wanting to own both a male and female and when the time comes try to pair them.

My account won't be very active until July when I go to the New England reptile expo. I decided to look for my T's there instead of online or at my local pet shop. Till then I plan to continue learning.


Hi and welcome! It is great that you decided to hop on the forums for advice before actually obtaining the T! I wish I had done that earlier would've saved me a lot more money.


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Welcome to TF. We have a scorpions subforum, under other invertebrates. What species do you have?
I have a male Heterometrus spinifer. Got him at my local pet store so I'm not sure how old he is. Hopefully he'll stick around for quite some time. I'm really hoping he'll molt again. He's a good eater (but never when I'm around lol) and it's been a pleasure. I'll take a look at the subforum, thank you!

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