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Stirmi sexing & age


New Member
Hi everyone :)

I would be grateful for some of your opinions on the sex of my stirmi and also approximate age.

Im quite sure Lydia is a female but being a novice I’m just best guessing based on what others have posted here! I can provide more images if needed.

Also if anyone is able to provide any comments on a possible age that would be great! I bought her from someone who was selling his collection as his new other half wasn’t keen and they were expecting.

He said that he didn’t know how old she was which I found strange. But that she was probably around 2-3 years old.

She has been in my care around 1 year 2 months and has molted twice, the second time being just a few days ago. Ive included a photo of the measurements of her recent molt.

I think based on the frequency of molting she may be around 4 years? But just a complete guess!

Thank you in advance for your time!


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