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U.K. Spiderplanet.co.uk


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This is a newly formed on line company but I believe the guy who runs it had previously sold spiders for a number of years.

Packaging - excellent. Large box with plenty of newspaper and a styrofoam inner box. Pots were well packaged with plenty of damp tissue to protect the Ts. No heat pack but guess not needed with the styrofoam insulation? Although I would have personally put one in to be 100% sure

Cyriopagopus lividus Green Femur BREEDING PAIR. Both look in good condition. Transport pot had date of last moult for the female as Sept 19 (website did say "fresh AF" so useful info).

Nice gesture to include clear labels of scientific name, common name, sex and origin. Just peel off and stick on new enclosure. Bonus.

Excellent. In trying to negotiate a deal, he even had the decency to say that if I used the BlackFriday code he had at the time I would get it much cheaper anyway! (saved £19). Not sure many vendors would let that little secret out the bag!

Friendly, quick to reply and a pleasure to do business with. I dont go on FB as I hate it with a passion but I understand that is where most of his trade is although you can find the listings by visiting:

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