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South side exotics current availability


Pbj invertebrates is now South Side Exotics!

Visit us at south-side-exotics.com!

B simoroxigorum ($220)
B boehemi.($35) 5 Mexican fire leg
B verdezi($55) 1 inch Mexican pink beauty
B albopilosum ($30)1.5 inch curly hair
C perezmilesi .5 ($40) Bolivian Dwarf
C hati hati .75 ($30) purple earth tiger
C fimbriatus 1 inch ($30) indian violet
C sp Kang Krachan 1.25 ($30) dark earth tiger
C darlingi suspect female 3 inch ($70) rear horn baboon
C marshalli female 3 inch ($95) straight horn baboon
C Versicolor .75 ($45) inch anellis pink toe
E colonica 1.5 inch ($50) no common name
G rosea .75 true rose hair($55)
H pulchripes 1 inch ($60)golden blue leg baboon
H dictator 1 inch($55) dictator baboon
H himalayana 2 inch($60) himalayana bird eater
H maculata 2.5 inch ($50)ornate baboon
H devamatha 1 inch ($110) lsd earth tiger
M robustum 3.25 inch(female) ($170)Colombian red leg
N incei 2 inch ($50) Trinidad olive
N incei gold .75 inch ($30) Trinidad gold
O sp quazon mf (4 inch) ($110)quazon blue eathtiger
O sp quazon . 5 inch ($30) quazon blue
O sp cebu 1 inch ($35) cebu earthtiger
P reduncus 1.25 inch ($45) costa rican orange mouth
P Cambridgei 1.5 inch ($30) Trinidad chevron
P Irminia 1 inch ($30) suntiger
P irminia 5 inch female($150) suntiger
P pulcher .75 inch ($35) Panama blonde
P murinus rcf ($30) 1 inch orange baboon
P murinus 5 inch female($110) obt
P murinus 2 inch female($55) obt
P lugardi 1 inch ($30) grey Starburst baboon
P cascada 3 inch male ($50) cascada bird eater
P sp dominican purple 1 inch ($100)
P vitatta 1 inch ($55) ghost ornamental
P regalis 1.5 inch($50) indian ornamental
P regalis mf 6 inch($175) indian ornamental
T plumipes 1.5 inch ($60) mahogany tree spider


buyer must opt for next day shipping only (only shipping option we offer anyway). As long as Temps are above 15 degrees i will honor LAG. Buyer must accept delivery on first attempt or LAG will be void! This rule has no exceptions. Doa must be reported within 3 hours. I feel this is a sufficient amount of time. Pics must be provided in the event of DOA.