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Some of the reptile family!

Discussion in 'Vertebrate Pet Talk' started by JSReptilesUK, Oct 15, 2018.

  1. JSReptilesUK

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    Oct 15, 2018
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    Majority of our pets are reptiles, so figured I would show you some of them.

    First is Drax our male Goniurosaurus Orientalis (Japanese Cave Gecko)
    Then Namira our female Abronia Graminea (Black Eye phase Mexican Alligator Lizard)
    And finally one of our royals, the male Butter poss het OG - Vaako :)

    20180702_180644.jpg 20180727_104344.jpg 20180701_105627.jpg

    We have quite a lot of reptiles... 64 to be precise! So can't post photos of them all... but the full list is below:
    1.1 Boa Imperator
    0.1 Abronia Taeniata
    1.0 Corn Snake
    3.5 Crested Gecko
    1.1 Gargoyle Gecko
    0.1 R. Leachinanus
    1.0 Hognose
    1.1 G. Orientalis
    7.15 Leopard Gecko
    1.1 Pictus Gecko
    1.0 Blue Eye Abronia Graminea
    1.1 Black Eye Abronia Graminea
    1.1 Chahoua Gecko
    0.1 Nelson's Milk Snake
    1.2 S. Ciliaris
    1.1 Abronia Lythrochila
    3.2 Royal Python
    1.1 E. Vieillardi
    1.3 Viper Gecko
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