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I'm an amateur having trouble sexing this M. Balfouri, it destroys all of it's molts. I have one confirmed female not pictured, they are very similar. However she only webs up her little hut not her entire enclosure like this one does. I was wondering if maybe the webbing attached to the short wall pictured is the remnants of a sperm web? Sorry for the awful pictures, this one refuses to hold still. Any help would be much appreciated!



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Hiya, there is a lot of flare back from the flash and scratches on the tank which make it very hard to sex. I would say looks male to me.

If a mature male you would see "bulbs" that look a bit like boxing gloves on the palps. Male Balfouri also tend to have a bluer carapace with the females being a lot lighter.

Here is a freshly matured male for comparison and a pairing with him (you can just make out the female underneath has a much lighter carapace)
Screenshot_20200507-132807_Video Player.jpg