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Seven Wonders Reptiles

Discussion in 'Tarantula and Invert Vendor Reviews' started by Tortoise Tom, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Tortoise Tom

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    May 18, 2018
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    I couldn't find any reviews for Seven Wonders on our forum, but his sales AD on our forum did have a link to a few positive customer reviews on another forum. Jonathan was prompt and easy to deal with. I found his "Show Sale" ad here on our forum the day after it expired, but he still honored the sale prices, and he certainly didn't have to do that. Getting payment to him and arranging the shipping details was easy, and he accommodated my requests to wait on shipping with no problems. When it was time to ship, one of the young GBB was molting, so Jonathan gave me the option of how to proceed. Refund that guy, ship him separately later, hold the whole shipment, etc… I decided to just wait another day or two and get all of them at once and it worked out fine. All spiders arrived very well packed, safe and healthy, and most of them were larger than advertised. AND, he sent me an A. versicolor sling as a free gift for my business! I love that species. Its been a couple of decades since I laid hands on any Avicularia, so this was a very welcome surprise. I give Seven Wonders two enthusiastic thumbs up. I would recommend them to friends and family, and I would do business with them again.

    After typing this up, I learned that Avicularia versicolor has been re-named to Caribena versicolor. Sorry for any confusion. My mistake. Been away from the hobby too long…