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Saving a spider gone wrong,


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I was working on a drilling rig about 5 years ago. I was in N.E. Pennsylvania. It was night out and it had been raining and I movies a very large spider in a mud puddle quit cole to the rig. It was slightly larger than a half dollar. I couldn't identify it due to the being a number of orb weavers in the area that look similar, however it was the biggest one I had ever seen in the area. About 3 inches. I picked it up having handled many spiders and while i was carrying it into the forrest it sank its fangs into my gloves. Fortunately the glove created plenty of space between my hand and the spider. I placed her in the forrest and was super thankful I had been wearing gloves.


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This is a very interesting story, lol. So it was the size of a 3 inch half dollar?

Tortoise Tom

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Good thing you had gloves on. That would have sucked.

I use containers for that stuff. I've made many an improvised spider scooper out of a water bottle or coffee cup while out in the field...