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U.K. Question about Invicta S.E.A.S show 2019?


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Hi all, any info from you guys about parking at the Ashford Hotel for this show, I’ve googled the map and the car park doesn’t look huge, there’s a Sainsbury’s next door but that would be limited for time, I’m planning on getting there by about 10 am anyway, so any tips for parking or how busy it gets for queuing, having been to a couple of shows now they get very busy! i don’t know the date yet either.
I’ve got my large hold-all bag ready to fill with pots of tarantulas!


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According to the hotel website it has parking for 400 cars.


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Hi, Thanks for that, It doesn’t look huge from google maps but I’m going to try and get there much earlier anyway!
Oh.. with that knowledge, just looked at google maps and counted approx spaces, so I think parking must extend to another huge car park next door so there plenty of parking available! YAY!!
Thanks for that info Enn.
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