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QotW: Maintenance


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So, i’m sure we all have that one tarantula that when we have to retrieve a bolus or fill the water dish we say to ourselves “Okay let’s just get this over with.” Whether it’s a bolter or a threat posture waiting to happen, we say a prayer before we open the lid. This is what I want to hear about this week.

For me, it’s my GBB. She has a habit of leaving her trash right at the entrance of her burrow and since everything is food to her my tongs often seemed like brunch. I’ve taken to using a paper straw to draw her out and then scare her back in by pushing it towards her. This results in a threat posture nearly every time, but it’s at least happening in her burrow so I have time to clean around her. This is only usually though. Twice now she’s taken the straw with her which just becomes another thing to get out, and once she’s bolted from the enclosure entirely. She’s a beauty, but a total pain lol.

How about all of you guys?


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My P. muticus come watering time. It waits at the mouth of its burrow and will not hesitate to bolt out once the lid comes off.

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